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Exhibition "On the Surface" by Andrey Berger has been extended
If anyone is upset that today is the last day of exhibition "On the Surface" by Andrey Berger - we have good news! We are extending the project until February 4th. Come, Gallery 9B works as usual!

Publicated on January 22
Opening hours of Gallery 9B during the New Year holidays
We wish everyone a Happy New Year! During this difficult year, our pleasant moments were the close acquaintance and work with artists Alisa Yoffe, Daria Gitmanovich, Sveta Shuvaeva, Andrey Olenev, Andrey Berger, as well as cooperation with the сцена / szena, FUTURO, Tolk galleries and the Mesto festival. Of course, thanks to the friends of the gallery and all our guests and for their support and interest in our activities! Stay tuned, next year will be no less interesting!

From December 30, the gallery leaves for a short break, and, already on January 4, it reopens and works as usual. Admission to exhibition "On the Surface" by Andrey Berger is free, but representatives of large excursion groups are kindly requested to sign up for a visit in advance via social networks or mail to comply with security measures.

Publicated on Janyary 1
Opening of exhibition "On the Surface" by Andrey Berger
The opening of exhibition "On the Surface" by Andrey Berger will take place on December 22. To ensure safety, a visit to the opening is possible as part of a limited group from 18.00 for a half-hour session, subject to prior registration on Timepad and observing the mask regime and distance.

The project was the final result of the work of Andrey Berger in the art residence of Gallery 9B. This is a series of experimental collage works created on the basis of an artistic study of the urban environment of Nizhny Novgorod with its historical and architectural contrasts, unique geometry and landscape.

Ideologically, the artist connects this cycle with his work on the street. Over the past year, he has been engaged in partisan posting of copyright posters on city streets, observing the changes in works - natural destruction, painting, emerging tags, advertisements and announcements. Andrey sees in this spontaneous grassroots process a creative action, a plastic language that inspired him to create a series of studio works presented at Gallery 9B.

Publicated on December 21

Andrey Berger is a new resident of Gallery 9B
We are glad to announce that starting December 9, a new guest at the art residence of Gallery 9B is the gallery's longtime friend, artist and curator Andrey Berger.

Andrey Berger was born in 1986 in Barnaul, studied at the university with a specialization in Design of Architectural Environment. Currently, the artist is not limited to the framework of street art, but also engaged in sculpture, performance, painting, graphics, installations. Participant of exhibitions in the USA and Germany, organizer of street art projects and festivals. She is engaged in curatorial support for young Russian street artists. Founder of the street art platform FGA. He actively collaborates with international companies such as Art Made, Adidas, Superdry, Xiaomi, Swatch and others.

This is not the first time Andrey Berger has come to Nizhny Novgorod as an artist. In 2017, he took part in the Mesto festival, in 2018 - the RESET exhibition of street wave artists. Also, together with Pokras Lampas, he created a painting on the end face of the Jupiter KZ. But the most striking introduction of Andrey Berger into the Nizhny Novgorod environment happened a year ago. He took part in the Intervals festival, presenting a mural on the facade of the Flour Mill. While working at the art residence of Gallery 9B, the artist plans to create studio works based on the impressions and thoughts that arose when immersed in the urban environment of Nizhny Novgorod with its historical and architectural contrasts, geometry and landscape.

Publicated on December 8
Announce of contest NOVA ART for Russian young conmporary artists
Until January 25, 2021, applications are open for NOVA ART contests/ This is a competiton of art projects for Russian young artists This year's theme is "New Skin: The Myth of a Technological Body", in which artists are invited to reflect on a new, emerging political identity and new types of bodily imagery that accompany the shaping of this identity.

Young artists under 40 years old are invited to participate, who must present to experts previously unrealized projects that are at the idea stage. First, experts will select 50 projects for the long list. Further, the international jury forms a short list of the projects of 12 finalists. There is no one winner in the competition, all 12 artists are awarded. As prizes, the finalists will receive grants for project implementation, personal exhibitions, participation in art residences, research trips, educational programs and special prizes. The contestants will also present prototypes of their projects at the final exhibition, which will be held in St. Petersburg in the summer of 2021.

Simultaneously with the start of accepting applications, an online educational program was launched, developed in conjunction with the Masters school, which is available on the Masters and NOVA ART website. Also, within the framework of the competition, artists will be able to become participants in online workshops that will help in drawing up an application, as well as receive feedback and professional mentoring support from leading art professionals.

The organizers of the competition are the Alexander Foundation for the support of Culture, Art and Education and the Anna Nova Gallery. Gallery 9B is a partner of the contest.
Applications are accepted from November 16, 2020 to January 25, 2021 on the nova.art website. There you will find details of participation in the competition.

Publicated on November 27
The final excursion of the exhibition by Andrey Olenev
We remind you that this week will be the last one for the "Change of Scenery". But as promised, on November 21 at 17.00, we again invite you to visit the author's exhibition of the exhibition. Participation is free, but limited. Of course, the mask and glove regime and social distance will be . Registration for a tour in Timepad.

Also in honor of this event, we invite you to participate in a small interactive. From you: send the questions you are interested in to the artist concerning creativity, exhibitions, life, etc. After the tour, we will ask Andrey on the air and he will not only answer, but also choose the most interesting one. The author of the best question will receive a gift from us - a catalog of the exhibition "Change of scenery", which was presented in the Triumph gallery in Moscow. Signed by the artist, of course. You can send questions in messages, comments, email and other social networks. Be active and original!

Publicated on November 17
Safe opening of the exhibition by Andrey Olenev
Together with the Tolk gallery, we are pleased to announce on October 22, Thursday, the opening of the exhibition by Nizhny Novgorod young artist Andrey Olenev "Change of scenery". The beginning is at 18 o'clock. The exhibition presents a series of paintings and graphic works, objects, as well as an audio installation "The Bell". In the project "Change of Scenery", the main motives of Andrey Olenev's work - nameless characters and homeless animals, abandoned places and the embodied materiality of urban antiquity, semantic layering and play with the audience's perception - are united around the dramatic fate of the disappearing architectural heritage of Nizhny Novgorod.

To ensure safety, a visit to the opening is possible as part of a limited group during a half-hour session, subject to prior registration at Timepad and observing the mask regime and distance. Furthermore, the exhibition can be visited on ordinary days of Gallery 9B, having previously registered by phone

Publicated on October 20
Guidebook to Nizhny Novgorod Region by Sveta Shuvaeva
Back in March, we wrote that the artist Sveta Shuvaeva, who was awarded by the Governor at the Innovation Prize, came to Nizhny Novgorod to study the local culture and crafts. In the spring she took the place of a resident at Gallery 9B and during her isolation she wrote a guidebook where she told about her trips to the cities of the Nizhny Novgorod region - Semenov, Pavlovo, Balakhna, Gorodets and Arzamas. Published in The Blueprint

Publicated on August 14

Festival of street art "Mesto"
9B Gallery again acts a partner of the street art festival "Mesto", which will be coming from 20 to 23 August. We invite everyone to the events that will take place on our space. And don't miss the exhibition of the festival participants in 9B Gallery. You can follow photos and events in social media of festival

Published on August 10

Daria Gitmanovich about 9B Gallery
The Art Flash magazine published an interview with a Moscow young artist Daria Gitmanovich, who were living and working in 9B Gallery during March. You can read about her first experience in art residence, studying in the UK, creative directions and much more here

Published on June 9

Gallery 9B is being quarantined
At the end of March, Daria Gitmanovich's reporting exhibition was planned. But for obvious reason, we cannot expose our viewers to danger, so we are not canceling, but postponing, Daria's exhibition until the moment when it is safe.

Published on March 28

Sveta Shuvaeva in Nizhny Novgorod
A year ago, at the Innovation Award ceremony, the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Gleb Nikitin gave special prize to the artist Sveta Shuvaeva, nominated like the Artist of the Year. For the project "Last apartments with a lake view" she was awarded a month in the residence of 9B Gallery. Sveta will officially take over as resident in May. But she already came to Nizhny Novgorod to 9B Gallery to study local culture.

Published on March 12

Daria Gitmanovich is a new resident of Gallery 9B
After a short break, 9B Gallery continues the art residency program. A young Russian artist Daria Gitmanovich, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts (London), has arrived in Nizhny Novgorod. In our residence, she plans to continue a series of picturesque portraits, get acquainted with local folk crafts and, as a result, present a personal exhibition.

For Daria, the starting point in creating picturesque portraits is direct mirroring of the world around her, the world of pop culture and social networks. Instagram, fashion blogs, magazines KALEIDOSCOPE, Dazed, 032C form a virtual environment from which her aesthetics is formed.

Published on March 1

Exhibition by Vladimir Mizinov in Yekaterinburg
An exhibition "Evenings on the Volga" was opened yesterday at the Museum of Naive Art (Yekaterinburg). It widely presents the paintings of the outstanding Nizhny Novgorod naive artist Vladimir Mizinov (1946-2018), collected by Elena Talyanskaya and Georgy Smirnov, founders of Gallery 9B. Here are expressive portraits of girls and peasants, and still lifes, and genre scenes, and lyrical rural landscapes, and animals - mainly cats and rams. We are sincerely grateful to the director of the Museum of Naive Art Nikita Nikolaevich Korytin and curator Andrey Anatolyevich Bobrikhin for organizing the exhibition. The project has now been extended until mid-September.

Published on February 12
The first resident of Gallery 9B - Alisa Yoffe
From the beginning of December, the art-residence project starts, which is the result of close cooperation between the FUTURO Gallery and 9B Gallery. It aims to support Russian artists. Special attention is paid to the creative process and interaction with the Nizhny Novgorod cultural environment. Gallery 9B becomes an art residence where artist Alisa Yoffe will live and work. Follow the preparations for the exhibition, which will open on December 26 at the FUTURO gallery on social media.

Photo by Vladimir Filonov

Published on December 5

Meeting with Dmitry Aske
Works on painting the wall of 9B Gallery by artist Dmitry Aske have successfully started. The markup has already been completed, and in the next few days, while it is light, you can freely observe how the work is being born. Special thanks for helping gallery friend, artist and curator Nikita Nomerz. If a little over a year ago at the 'Mesto' festival he had not introduced us to a number of talented street authors, this project would not even have been in the plans.

Fresh announcement: On November 8, at 19.00, an open meeting with the artist, curator and researcher Dmitry Aske will take place in 9B Gallery. He will talk about his creative path: creating street paintings, participating in festivals and exhibitions, curatorial work and collaborations with brands. Everyone is welcome!

Published on November 5

Closing of the festival "Mesto"
Today in the courtyard of 9B Gallery 9B and the Yula pizza the ceremonial closing of the "Mesto" festival will take place. The program includes a music party, life drawing and a meeting with the artists of the project. Free admission.

Published on June 9

Art party
On May 28, we invite friends of the gallery to the art party. The reason for her is pleasant: our friend, artist Nastya Belaya is finishing the Nizhny Novgorod Art School and is preparing to continue her education in Moscow. She is a young aspiring author and as a support we are hosting a festive display of her art series entitled "The Train Has Left in a Different Direction", which echoes an ironic statement towards her non-academic style. The painting of Nastya Belaya embodies the delight of provocative contrasts in the spirit of pop art and fields of open flowers that break out of the outlined space. Graphic design, simplified interpretation of shapes and volumes, repetitive patterns, disruptions of natural color and deliberate naivety of plots that seem to have descended from the pages of children's books. The artist's world is a charming fantasy seamy side of everyday life, inhabited by eccentric characters, talkative objects and good-natured monsters.

Published on May 23
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