Art residence of Daria Gitmanovich
Daria Gitmanovich: "The exhibition presents works in which I rethink how female subjectivity is presented in modern culture, using the traditions of figurative portrait painting. These paintings are not connected by one plot or history, and the heroines are not specific girls, except for the portrait of Ekaterina Chudakova, my Nizhny Novgorod model. They are a collective image of the fragments that caught my eye of those whom I saw on the Internet or know personally. Each picture is a separate story. The heroines are caught in the moment, and it is not so important for the viewer to know what happened before or after I am interested in creating an image in which the story is told in fragments. This allows the painting to free itself from concrete interpretation. Hints leave only the materiality of the canvas, paint, color, strokes and shapes. I am interested in what is on the surface - literally and figuratively. So I can create associations, transmit feelings through painting and at the same time pose a question what painting should be like in our time ".

Supporting by szena gallery (Moscow).


Daria Gitmanovich was born in Moscow in 1992. Graduated from Byam Shaw School of Art, Royal College of Art and Slade School of Art (UK). Participant of group projects in London, Helsinki and Moscow. He specializes in painting and graphics. In March 2020, Daria worked and lived in the residence of 9B Gallery.

szena gallery is a chamber art space in the center of Moscow, created by curator Anastasia Shavlokhova. The main focus of the gallery is systematic work with the artists of the NEW EAST space (Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia), in particular, support in the formation of their own creative language, and the creation of a context around them. the scene / szena acts as a mediator between the artist and the viewer, and more broadly, between the local and international art community.


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