Mesto project. Exhibition "Compatibility"
The participants of the collective exhibition "Compatibility" were local artists of different generations and directions of street art. Street art includes many artistic practices - graffiti, street art, urban interventions, street performances and more. All this was formed in Nizhny Novgorod for many years and became its integral part. The city has managed to accept and combine antiquity and modern culture, preserve history and form a new one.

Using the experience accumulated on the street, Nizhny Novgorod street artists also create studio works, often using materials familiar to them: balloons, paint rollers, building markers, colorants and objects found in the urban environment. Thus, the works presented at the exhibition are inextricably linked with the street, techniques and artistic language formed by graffiti culture and street art.
The street environment connects newcomers and accomplished authors, artists of different views and styles. Thus, the gallery space during the exhibition tried to show this unique compatibility.

Artists: Alexei Starkov, Vasya Sharapov, Vera Shirdina, Gosha New, Danya Pirogov, Elena Lisitsa, Ivan Belov, Ivan Xeor, Ivan Seriy, Ilya Barabin, Kirill Oper, Maxim Trulov and Ksyusha Lastochka, Nikita Mera, Nikita Etogde, Nikita Nomerz, Blue Pencil, Dmal, Lev Kise, etc.

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