Irina Drozd "Bedtime Tales"

9B Gallery with the support of the online art gallery ArtZip invites you on March 10 at 18.00 to the opening of Irina Drozd's solo exhibition "Bedtime Tales". The project will present a series of works in which the world of fantastic creatures is intertwined with reality, reality and dreams. Referring to folklore, which her grandmother introduced her to in childhood, the artist says that fairy tales are far from unambiguous: they provoke fear, but at the same time they teach to cope with it, lay the foundation for the psyche in childhood, explaining what is good and what such a bad thing, demonstrating the victory of good over evil. Fairy tales are often based on the desire of a person to possess something that is out of control of the real world - find the feather of the Firebird, catch the fairy, tame the devil of the sea. Go there, I don't know where, bring something, I don't know what. Her fabulous and fantastic characters are an allegory of what people can eat figuratively and in fact, taking possession of the unprecedented and incredible. Their images refer to medieval chimeras, metaphorically embodying human passions with their bizarre appearance.

Against the backdrop of an all-consuming desire for possession and power, painted in dark colors in fairy tales, the artist asks: how can a person who in childhood understood what is white and what is black transgress humanistic ideals when he becomes an adult? It is so important not to lose your inner child, naivety, clumsiness, sincerity and to discover a new world with delight.


Irina Drozd graduated from the St. Stieglitz, department of monumental painting. Included in the rating of the most famous Russian artists 49ART. Participated in residences in France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany. Personal projects of the artist were held in galleries and museums in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Budapest, Florence, Zurich. Participated in group exhibitions in Russia and Hungary. The works are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the National Center for Contemporary Arts, the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Hagyvidek Cultural Center Foundation (Budapest, Hungary), as well as in private collections. Currently the artist lives and works in St. Petersburg and Budapest.
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