Group project of "street art wave" artists
Past times post-graffiti authors have been claiming an important place in the production of meaning. From grassroots tagging and anonymous guerrilla fighting, they switched to working in gallery spaces, which brings them to a new level of reflection on their own work. The RESET exhibition is another reflection on the "street" optics of looking at contemporary art.

When leaving the street for the gallery, the artist loses the avant-garde context of street art, but what does he get in return? In his hands is a blank sheet on which he creates his personal history. The aesthetic basis of his work is not the "high" past - antiquity and modernism, but the "low" modernity - graffiti, graphic and type design, web and naive art. Academic arrogance and overwhelming contrasts with sincere personal expression. This fresh take on art allows for the free and fresh reinvention of genres, plots and styles in both abstract and figurative art. Therefore, the process of rebooting the computer was chosen as a metaphor for the exhibition, which literally "hung on" from many open programs and which must be started from a new point.

Participants: Aesthetics group (Petro & Slak), Andrey Berger (Aber), Dmitry Aske, Anatoly Akue, Alexey Luka, Nikita Nomerz, Pavel Rtue, Yura Kiryushin, Maxim Trulov and Ksyusha Lastochka.


Video by TV channel Volga
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