Art Residence of Igor Ponosov. Project "Cartography of the fence"
The second guest of 9B Gallery as part of the regional art residency ecosystem program aimed at developing creative industries with the support of the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the Nizhny 800 Autonomous Non-Profit Organization was the artist, curator and street art theorist Igor Ponosov.

9B Gallery continues its strategy of supporting authors by initiating research into the unique cultural landscape of Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region. And art lovers were able to follow the artist's work at special events for the general public, which took place in the gallery, as well as in the Arsenal.

Igor Ponosov is an artist, curator, theorist, researcher, author of books about street art in Russia and post-Soviet countries. Laureate of the Sergei Kuryokhin Prize, nominee for the Kandinsky Prize and the Moscow Art Prize. Curator of exhibition and festival projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, as well as in Kazan and Bishkek. Co-author and editor of a number of thematic publications, since 2010 lecturer, participant in forums and conferences, curator of a number of educational programs in the field of street art.

Based on the results of the residency, the artist presented the project "Cartography of the Fence":
Interacting with the urban context and studying it, Igor Ponosov strives to determine the place of man in urbanized space, poetically comprehends the borders, fences and barriers that surround us. During his stay at the art residency, the artist continues this work: he focuses on a visual study of the typical reinforced concrete fence "PO-2" and ironically interprets the Soviet design of the familiar window bars.

In 9B Gallery Igor Ponosov presented two art series that he created during his month-long stay in Nizhny Novgorod.

Igor Ponosov, artist, researcher, curator:
"The starting point of my research was Nizhny Novgorod and its outskirts, I also visited the cities of the region - Arzamas, Bor and Dzerzhinsk. In each of them, I took photographs of the current state of the "PO-2" fences in order to create from these frames an idea of the existence and use of this infrastructure facility today. I visualized the collective image of the fence and its functions in the post-Soviet city in the form of a photo collage, the elements of which relate to different places and cities of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

In the second series, which will be presented in the gallery, I continue to rethink the design of Soviet window grilles: I deconstruct familiar utilitarian objects in the course of a postmodern game, swapping the design elements from which they are composed and presenting them in a new combination that gives rise to new meanings".

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