Stasya Grishina "Pigment gray on the second floor"
You won't run away.

Not from myself, not from my family, not from society. You are part of this, part of what can be called in one word - "Motherland". This feeling emerges powerfully through the darkness of individualistic alienation. A feeling of affection, love, obsessive attempts to break away from the unity imposed on you with your family, with society, with the environment.

You won't run away.

Today, being a subject means choosing your body, gender, parents, religion, relatives, place of existence and habitat. To be a subject today means one thing - to decide on the rejection of subjectivity.

You won't run away.

From an early age, you are connected with your parents, environment, environment. When you become aware of your personality and your own subjectivity, you break up into parts, which then have to be reassembled like a puzzle, trying to fit the broken parts together. And then you are faced with the task of polishing everything superfluous, adding the necessary.

You won't run away.

An incomprehensible, mystical power powerfully and demandingly captures and returns you home to the "Motherland" in the realm of the real and native. You put the need for self-determination on the top shelf of your consciousness. And there is a feeling of joy, unity, some kind of mysterious connection with what is called "homeland", something "genuine", "own", "one's own".

Stasya Grishina was born in 1997. Currently lives and works in Moscow. Creates sculpture, staged photography, objects, painting. Works with the problem of the influence of society on the formation of personality, reflecting socio-political processes, consumer culture, manifestations of violence.

She studied at the school-studio them. Vl. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko at the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov (Department of scenography and theater technology) and the Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. A.M. Rodchenko (Sergey Bratkov's workshop (photo, sculpture, video).

Started exhibition activities in 2017. Participated in group projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This year, the artist presented her first solo exhibition "All Dogs Go to Heaven" at the Issmag Gallery (Moscow).

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