Exhibition "Lights and stars"
The project presents the graphic works of three ideologically close artists - Anna Lageda, Olga Lageda and Mikhail Dutsev, who focus on the Russian landscape tradition, plein air practice and lyrical depiction of everyday life.

The exhibition is built as a visual essay, where the central image is a house caught in a snowstorm on a festive evening. Outer and inner spaces, distant stars and lights in the chandelier, the warmth of the family and the chilly embrace of loneliness are strung on one thread.

The image appeared thanks to a scene from Boris Pasternak's novel "Doctor Zhivago", in which the main character on Christmas Eve noticed a candle in one of the windows of the house, which mysteriously shone through the thaw. Behind this small detail, he saw a whole story, which he unfolded in the poem "The candle burned ...". The exposition is built in such a way that the viewer, like Yuri in winter night landscapes, peers into the mysterious illuminated windows, and on the next frame-image he sees what is on the other side. There, behind the ice glass, everything is safe: lights are burning in garlands and chandeliers, a home paradise reigns - children's games, a holiday in the family circle, dates. Whereas outside there are only rare passers-by, trees, roads, gates, which are illuminated by distant stars with an indifferent light.

Artists work not only thematically, but also technically in contrast to each other. In contrast to Anna Lageda's colorful domestic scenes, Mikhail Dutsev's winter landscapes gravitate towards restraint, even achromatism. The detailing of genre scenes and the density of color fields are opposed to abstraction and an expressive touch in the depiction of nature. These contrasts help the works sound brighter, they complement each other like colors on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Along with graphic works, the exhibition features spectacular three-dimensional objects by Olga Lageda, as well as ceramics by Daria Koryukalova and Sofia Pogudina, who have chosen different accents to the main story. If the first artist delved into naive, then the second turned to traditions and mythology.

"Lights and Stars" is a mirage of a lone traveler in an icy desert, a dream of a better place where loved ones are waiting for him, children's laughter rings, a cat purrs and a flame crackles in the hearth.

Biryukova Anastasiya


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