Larkandre "The prank was succeeded"
Solo exhibition project, which was created as part of the art residence of 9B Gallery. Larkandre is a young author from Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Academy. Stroganov, department of monumental and decorative painting. He took part in collective exhibitions in Moscow, in particular within the framework of the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (2018) . Founder of the art group "Yes-no". Participated in VLADEY auctions. He was engaged in the restoration of sculptures in the Cosmos pavilion and the Kolos fountain at VDNKh, as well as in the Profitable House of G. E. Broido.

"The viewer is presented with palimpsests formed by the polar layers: "museum" painting and graffiti tags carelessly applied over it. However, the playful detachment here is replaced by the unusual material credibility of the artifact itself. You might think that the real results of the invasion of the walls of some art gallery by a team of anonymous street "writers" who radically vandalized the paintings from the collection are exhibited.

The young artist goes much further than provocative gestures and declarations - he deliberately complicates his task, following the path of both a classical master and a graffiti terrorist or author of popular network memes. Hence the effect of confusion, in which the guest of the exhibition is immersed when getting acquainted with the works. "What is this anyway?", "Where did he find so many old paintings, and why was it necessary to spoil them?", "Is this painting, post-graffiti or a post from the Flemish Baroque community?" - such questions pop up in many, and the very fact of their appearance speaks of one thing - the prank, of course, was a success.

Curator - Egor Koshelev

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