Ivan Gorshkov "Cream Brulee"
Personal exhibition of the Voronezh artist Ivan Gorshkov, the artist of the year according to COSMOSCOW 2017. In the courtyard of the Yula pizzeria, the installation "Creme brulee" is presented.

Creme brulee is a sculptural group made of various materials. Its composition reflects the author's method of Gorshkov, which is based on multi-layered images, unpredictability and dynamic variability of images. In parallel, the gallery presents the artist's paintings. In his works, Ivan Gorshkov creates a situation where the rules of the game are constantly changing and you need to get out of the situation in new ways. The portrait flows into a landscape, a landscape into a battle scene, then into a texture, then again into a portrait. Elements of the picture swirl and wink at each other, preventing the viewer from relaxing.
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