Evsti Bomse "Electric dreams"
The exhibition presents Evsti for the first time apart from his team, in the format of a personal project. The exhibition does not presuppose a general outline or artistic task, but outlines an area of interests and contexts, presents the author's style of writing and the general satirical tone of the subjects. It will feature new paintings and graphic works created over the past year.

Figuratively speaking, Evsti plays on two different fields at the same time, creating high, low art. On the one hand, its setting and style are obviously shaped by personal art, as well as cinema, video games and animation. Hence the American houses in the suburbs, and teenagers from the 90s, and characters who seem to have stepped out of billboards or old films.

However, some subjects, like the Ship of Fools, unexpected timeless heroes, and especially the edifying author's intonation contextually connect the artist with classical Western European art. It is interesting how his multi-dimensional planar panoramas unfold in unison with the masterpieces of Dutch painting of the 15th-16th centuries.

What also connects him with the Dutch is that the author appears as a voice of justice, in addition to the vices listed in the Middle Ages, exposing modern human sins. Its subjects include consumerism, colonialism, social inequality, cultural appropriation, etc. The artist is the creator of the truth, which is not told in truth, all the more quickly under the rays of the sun and before the eyes of the audience, turning into a historical document equal to absurdity.

Biryukova Anastasia



Evsti Bomse was born in 1996. One of the founders of Bomse team. He has been doing graffiti since 2008. Currently he works mainly with easel painting and graphics, using oil, watercolor, ink, and liner. Pays a lot of attention to technology and details. The main source of inspiration is modern problems of society, personal environment, mythical images, travel, video games. The plots are related to current events and global changes in the world and society. His work is distinguished by irony and subtle criticism. Participated both individually and as part of a group in the festivals "Mesto" and "Archstoyanie", exhibitions in Terminal A, gallery "Bizon", 9B Gallery , participated in the art residency of the Center for Contemporary Art "Radiance", fairs blazar, BUY and "Kontur" .
Lives and works in Nizhny Novgorod.

Bomse team has existed for more than 10 years and belongs to the younger generation of Nizhny Novgorod street art. For the last few years, its participants have been combining street art practices with studio work. The composition of the team has changed several times, currently it includes five artists - Syoma Bomse, Oper Bomse, Evsti Bomse, Skeap Bomse, Ilya Atom.
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