Evsti Bomse "Electric dreams"
The first solo project by one of the members art group "Bomse"
7 March - 7 April

Sema Bomse "Rehearsal"
Personal apartment exhibition prepared in collaboration with the сцена /szena gallery team
15 - 17 February

Art residence of Lyudmila Baronina
Project within the framework of the Nizhny Novgorod region art residency program
11 August - 10 September

Art residence of Igor Ponosov
Creation and presentation of a series of photographs and objects combined into the project "Cartography of the Fence"
10 July - 10 August
Art Residence of Irina Petrakova
The first residence within the framework of the regional program initiated by ANO Nizhny 800 and the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region
8 June - 8 July
Alexey Luka "Look away"
Project by renowned street wave artist, created in collaboration with Ruarts Gallery
28 April - 4 June
Irina Drozd "Bedtime Tales"
Exhibition of painting and sculpture, created with the support of the ArtZip online gallery
March 10 - April 15
Exhibition "Lights and stars"
New Year's special project by Olga Lageda, Anna Lageda and Mikhail Dutsev
December 23 - February 14
Bomse Crew "Backdoor"
The project of a well-known Nizhny Novgorod street team dedicated to video games
November 4 - December 4
Rodion Kitaev "Below the cemetery, above the sun"
Ethno-punk project created in the summer residence of the gallery
July 16 - August 31
Mesto project. Exhibition "Compatibility"
Studio works of street culture festival participants
June 17 - June 19
Larkandre "The prank succeeded"
Exhibition of paintings combining the Baroque style with graffiti
March 2 - April 2
Stasya Grishina "Pigment gray on the second floor"
Reporting exhibition following the results of the art residence in Nizhny Novgorod
November 15 - December 1

The view of the founder of the "Mitky" group on our city and not only
October 16 - October 31
Exhibition "The Saga of the Persits: Family in History"
Historical and art project
September 9 - October 10
Dmitry Aske "Reflection of the Future"
In collaboration with Ruarts Gallery
June 18 - August 29
Project #orus in Gogol Center
Paintings by Vladimir Mizinov from the collection of the founders of 9B Gallery
June 22 - July 17
Residency of Uliana Podkorytova →
First visit of the artist to Nizhny Novgorod
1 - 7 March
Project by Andrey Berger "On the surface" →
Art residence
22 October - 22 November
Personal exhibition of Andrey Olenev "Change of decoration" →
With the participation of Tolk Gallery
22 October - 22 November
Art residence of Daria Gitmanovich
Supporting of szena / сцена gallery
21 July - 19 August
What the Address? →
Show curated bt Alisa Yoffe
Colloborate project with FUTURO gallery
26 December 2019 - 23 February 2020

Firmware update
Mural by Dmitry Aske on the front of 9B Gallery
The Weaknesses→
Personal exhibition by Marat Morik supporting by Ruarts gallery
6 June - 1 August
Glitch Kitch
Project by Alexander Golyinsky supporting by pop/off/art gallery
22 March - 22 April
field door pig swamp →
Exhibition by Vika Begalskaya and Alexander Vilkin was organized in cooperation with the pop/off/art gallery
23 November - 23 December
Group project of "street wave" artists in the space of the Sheraton Hotel
22 September - 22 November
1 : 8 →
Project by Alexander Lavrov and TOY team
9 June – 9 September

Still lifes in the spirit of Arcimboldo →
The exibition of the series of sculptures by Alexander Lavrov
16 March - 31 May

Cream Brulee →
The personal exhibition by Ivan Gorshkov
28 October - 9 December

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