Bomse Crew "Backdoor"
The exhibition is a personal dedication of the team to childhood video games. The artists of the association belong to the millennial generation: they grew up in the 2000s, a time of rapid growth of digital culture in the country. Video games on computers and consoles filled the world of the post-Soviet child with the strongest impressions and, in many respects, shaped his perception and taste. It's a diverse, multi-genre, aesthetically rich world with original mechanics that has influenced artists in many ways. Hence their personal desire to play the subject in an uncritical and somewhat nostalgic way.

On the first floor, the artists, in a series of paintings, seem to unfold a multiplayer video game where reality and virtuality are fused together. In it, either recognizable characters or avatars of the authors themselves become heroes. Window openings turn into screens through which the viewer observes the world-fiction. The second floor features graphic works and objects that continue this setting, but in different mediums.

The Bomse team has been around for over 10 years. She belongs to the young generation of Nizhny Novgorod street art. Over the past few years, its participants have been combining street art practices with studio work. The composition of the team changed several times, five artists of the association took part in the present project of 9B Gallery - Syoma Bomse, Oper Bomse, Evsti Bomse, Skeap Bomse, Ilya Atom.

Each member of the team has his own individual style and can either work on his own projects as an independent creative unit or participate in common projects. For the most part, artists are united by place, street environment and friendly relations. Turning to the practice of painting, drawing and sculpture, and others, the team members retain the brutality of manner, experimental approach to materials, provocativeness, harmoniously developing the creative language and technique obtained in the street environment. Previously, the team's personal studio projects were presented at Terminal A, the Lazy Mike Gallery and the Street Art Museum.

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