Art projects by Alexander Lavrov and TOY team
In the group project of 9B Gallery, the artistic projects of Alexander Lavrov and the TOY team are presented together, united by a common theme of sports.

The young TOY team in the "1: 8" project turns to football, which today has become the main sport, a spectacle made according to all the canons of modern media. A series of paintings pulls close-ups of the referees, cheerleaders, gates, lawn and the ball from the panorama of a football match, disassembling the game into elements, removing the participants of the match from it. Football players are impersonal, so their place in the arena is actually taken by the audience of the exhibition, who can feel like the center of the show, which is now big sport.

The protagonist of the project "Goodbye, Olympics!" by Alexandr Lavrov is the famous "affectionate Misha", the mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The artist seeks to clear this symbol of ideological connotations and points out that the main thing in the sport of the past and present is not political confrontation. Behind the scenery of the spectacle stands the cleansing unity of people in the stands.


Alexander Lavrov (born in 1962). A well-known Nizhny Novgorod artist working in a wide range of techniques from painting and graphics to objects and media. Participant of many collective and personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Nominee for the Kandinsky Prize 2009 and 2010 Selected author's projects: "18th century" (1996), "Bunnies and Elvis" (2006), "Televisions" (2008), "Handkerchiefs" (2011), "Gas" (2010), "Souvenirs" (2014), " New Adventures of Dunno "(2015).

TOY team. An anonymous art group that emerged in Nizhny Novgorod in 2012. They have gone an impressive way from street tags to exhibitions in the capital's institutions of contemporary art and the status of one of the most promising young art groups in Russia. Individual exhibitions: "What is good and what is bad?" (2015) and "Oh, life" (2018). Participants of collective projects: Subway (2011) Street Romantics (2015), Fresh Layer (2017), First Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art (2017) and Life of the Living (2017). In St. Petersburg, in the space of the Museum of Street Art, there are three projects of the team at once - "Casus Pacis / Reason for Peace" (2014), "Remember Tomorrow" (2015) and "The Holiday Comes to You" (2017).


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