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Shinkarev Vladimir

The river Smolenka. 2016. Canvas, oil. 60х80
Tiberina. 2012. Canvas, oil. 73х93
Tsarskoe selo. 2012. Canvas, oil. 60х80
1954 - born in Leningrad
1974 - 1977 art courses at Repin Institute pf Paintings, Sculpture and Architecture and at Mukhina Art College
1975 - began participating in apartment exhibitions of non-conformist artists
1985 - cofounded MITKI group, left it in 2008
Also known as a novelist, author of a cult novel "Maxim and Fyodor"
2008 - was awarded the Brodsky Literature Prize

The State Tretyakov Gallery
The State Russian Museum
The State Hermitage
The State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg
Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg
Saint Peterburg Manege
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Zimmerly Museum, New Jersey

Group exhibitions
Selected personal exhibitions
2005 - Sguardo ad/da Est, Gallery Transarte, Rovereto
2004 - Nothing is Being Changed in Fact. In Honour of M. Roginsky, Gallery Sam Bruk, Moscow
2004 - Domestic and Wild, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
2003 - Fervour and Humility, V. Shinkarev, S. Rossin, A. Cliot, Whitespacegallery, London
2002 - Twosome, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
2001 - Caught in the Net, Gallery D-137, Consulate General of Germany, St. Petersburg
2000 - The Portrait in 20th Century Russia, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
2000 - Sei russo, Gallery Contemporanea, Milan
1998 - Mitki-Revolution, Lenin Museum, Tampere, Finland
1997 - Vodka, Gallery Guelman, Moscow
1996 - Self-indification. Positions in the Art of St. Petersburg since 1970 to the present time, Kiel, Berlin, Oslo, Sopot
1993 - History of non-official Art of Leningrad/St. Petersburg, Museum of the History of St. Petersburg
1992 - Mitki in Paris. Gallery Du Haut Pas, Paris
1990 - Keepers of the Flame. Los Angeles, Clinton, New York
1989 - Mitki in Europe, Antwerp, Cologne, Paris
1985 - First exhibition of the Mitki, Ust-Izhora, Leningrad
1983-1990 - Annual exhibitions of the Experimental Fine Art Association, Leningrad
1978 – Leningrad non-official Art, Kalinin House of Culture, Leningrad

2016 - Gloomy Paintings. pop/off/art gallery, Moscow
2014 - Gloomy Pictures. Gallery Anna Nova, St. Petersburg
2008 - Vladimir Shinkarev. Gallery Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich
2007 - Landscapes. Gallery Nomi, St. Petersburg
2006 - Cinema. Gallery Anna Nova, St. Petersburg
2004 – Great Chinese Wall. Gallery Nomi, St. Petersburg
2003 – Gloomy Pictures. Gallery Na Obvodnom, St. Petersburg
2003 – Country Life. Gallery Country Life, St. Petersburg
2000 – Mitki in the UN (in collaboration with D. Shagin). Headquarters of the UN, New York
2000 – World Literature. Whitespacegallery, London
1999 – World Literature. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
1999 – Pictures of the Past Year. Gallery Mitki-Vkhutemas, St. Petersburg
1999 – Gloomy Pictures. Gallery of the Society A-YA, State Centre of Modern Art, St. Petersburg
1997 – Vladimir Shinkarev. Gallery BIrena, Kiev
1996 – «About the North Pole. Studio Dobrolet, St. Petersburg
1995 – Painting Proper. Gallery Borei, St. Petersburg
1984 – City (in collaboration with D. Shagin). Library of the USSR Academy of Science, Leningrad

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