Галерея 9Б
Oktyabrskaya str., 9B
12:00 — 20:00
галерея 9б нижний новгород, где купить картины нижний новгород, продажа картин
You could find gallery in Oktyabrskaya, 9 b (enterance from the yard). Came throw the iron gate with signboard and rise up to the stairs on the 2 stage
9B Gallery was opened in comfortable brick house 16 March 2018. There are exhibition space and show-room with graphics and paintings by famous rassian artists. Curators haven't borders in choice of presenting styles, genres, epoches and trends. You could pick up here any artwork from pastoral landscapes to abstract assemblages.

Since 23 November, 2018 9B Gallery was colloborating with pop/off/art gallery. It was based by art critic Sergej Popov in 2004 year и present russian and world artists focused on painters of Post-Soviet Region, East and Central Europe. Inluded in the top-5 russian gallery accoding Forbs and top-100 accoding BlouinArtinfo). Take part in the biggest art fair in Europe. Gallery organized same tens museum projects in Russia. Take place on the space Center Contemporary art "Vinzavod", Moscow.

There are instead temporal art exhibitions, cultural events – lectures, meetings with artists, auctions, theatrical projects. Follow to billboard of events in social media and site.

The weak spots
The exhibition by Marat Morik, the one of the most famous Russian artists of the "street wave" in the world
5 June – 1 August
field door pig swamp
The exhibition by Vika Begalskaya and Alexander Vilkina was organized in cooperation with the Moscow gallery pop/off/art
23 November – 23 January
The collection of "street wave" artists from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Sevastopol in the space of the Sheraton Hotel
21 September - 21 October
Collective project by the art-group TOY and artist Alexander Lavrov
1 June - 31 Augest
Still lifes in the spirit of Arcimboldo
The exibition of the series of sculptures by Alexander Lavrov
16 марта – 31 мая
Creme brulee
The personal exhibition by Ivan Gorshkov, artist of the year according to COSMOSCOW 2017
28 October - 9 Desember
9B Gallery
Nizhny Novgorod,
Oktyabrskaya str., 9B
(entrance from the yard)
+7 930 80 28 049

Opening hours:
not everyday
12:00 — 18:00
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