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Artistic excursions in 9B Gallery

During this New Year's holidays, we invite you to walk around the exhibition "Lights and Stars" with artists Mikhail Dutsev and Anna Lageda. They will talk about their work, presented works and the exhibition, as well as answer your questions. We are waiting for you on December 6 and 7 at 17.00. Participation in the events is free of charge by pre-registration on Timepad.

Date of publication: January, 2
Opening days and hours of the exhibition "Lights and stars" during the New Year holidays

Dear friends, we congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and are pleased to announce that December 31 and January 1 are days off, and from January 2 to 8 inclusive we are open for guests every day from 12 to 18 hours. We are waiting for you and remind you that the entrance to the exhibition is free.

Date of publication: December, 28
New Year's exhibition "Lights and Stars" will open on December, 22

Gallery 9B invites you on December 22 at 18.00 to the opening of a special festive project "Lights and Stars", in which Nizhny Novgorod authors took part. The exhibition will feature graphic works by three ideologically close artists - Anna Lageda, Olga Lageda and Mikhail Dutsev, who focus on the Russian landscape tradition, plein air practice and lyrical depiction of everyday life. The graphics will be complemented by spectacular three-dimensional objects by Olga Lageda, as well as ceramics by Daria Koryukalova and Sofia Pogudina.

The exhibition "Lights and Stars" is built as a visual essay, where the house caught in a snowstorm on a festive evening became the central image. The project was inspired by a scene from Boris Pasternak's novel "Doctor Zhivago", which is known from the poem "The Candle Was Burning". Winter landscapes, where a mysterious light from the windows of houses looms among the snows and blizzards, are replaced by images on the other side of the ice glass: lights are burning in garlands and chandeliers, home paradise reigns - children's games, a holiday in the family circle, dates.

"Lights and Stars" is a mirage of a lone traveler in an icy desert, a dream of a better place where loved ones are waiting for him, children's laughter rings, a cat purrs and a flame crackles in the hearth.


Date of publication: December, 16
Exhibition "Backdoor" is opened until December 13

Especially for those who did not have time to visit our new project, we extend the exhibition of the Bomse team for another week, until December 13 inclusive. The gallery is running normally, waiting for you!

After December 13, the gallery is closed for the preparation of the new exhibition, follow the announcements.

Date of publication: December, 4
We invite you to the exhibition opening of the "Backdoor"

On November 3 at 18.00 Gallery 9B invites you to the opening of the exhibition of the Nizhny Novgorod art group Bomse, which will present a series of paintings, graphics and objects created specifically for the project. The exhibition is a personal dedication of the team to video games of their childhood. The artists belong to the millennium generation: they grew in the 2000s, a time of rapid growth of digital culture in the country.

Video games on computers and consoles filled with the strongest impressions of the world of the post-Soviet child and, in many ways, shaped his perception and taste. It is a diverse multi-genre, aesthetically rich world with original mechanics, which has a comprehensive impact on artists. Hence their personal desire to play the subject in an uncritical and somewhat nostalgic way.

Art group Bomse has existed for more than 10 years. It belongs to the younger generation of Nizhny Novgorod street-art. For the past few years, its members have combined street-art practice with studio work. The art group changed several times, five artists of the association took part in this Gallery 9B project - Cema Bomse, Oper Bomse, Evsti Bomse, Skeap Bomse, Ilya Atom. Each member of the team has his own individual style and can both work on his own projects as an independent creative unit, and participate in common projects.

Mainly, artists are united by place, street environment and friendship. Turning to the practices of painting, graphics and sculpture and others, the members of the team retain brutality of manners, experimental approach to materials, productiveness, harmoniously developing creative language and techniques obtained in the street environment. Earlier personal studio projects of the team were presented at the sites of Terminal A, Lazy Mike Gallery and Street Art Museum.

Date of publication: October, 28
Gallery 9B temporarily closed for exhibition

Dear friends! In the nearest future our space is not available for visiting, as for we are preparing for you a new project. Follow the news on all social networks and on our website. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Date of publication: September, 11
Last days of the exhibition «Below the cemetery, above the sun» and interview Rodion Kitaev

Friends, this week is your last chance to see Rodion Kitaev's exhibition «Below the Cemetery, Above the Sun». We extend it until September 11. And you can also read the interview of the artist on the NN.Sobaka.ru site on this link.

Date of publication: September, 6
Report from the exhibition «Below the cemetery, above the sun» by Rodion Kitaev

Local television company «Nizhny Novgorod» released a report with the current project of Gallery 9B, including comments by Biryukova Anastasia, the project coordinator. The video is available on the link. We thank our colleagues for the coverage of our work and remind you that we are waiting for you - the entrance to the exhibition is still free, we are open in our usual mode: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 12 to 18 hours, Saturday from 12 to 20.

Date of publication: August, 19
Vernissage of the project «Below the cemetery, above the sun» by Rodion Kitaev

On July 16 at 17.00 Gallery 9B invites you to the opening of the Rodion Kitaev's exhibition. The artist worked on a personal project for a month, inspired by the superstitions of popular culture - amulets, conspiracies, signs and divination - as ways to respond to the alarming uncertainty.

In crisis situations and times in the life of one person and society, the interest in the supernatural intensifies. When all patterns are in question, the consolation may be the hypothesis of some other level of regularity. Historians point out that, for example, modern magic practices of attracting good luck in their seemingly illogical ways are fragments of an agreed set of mythological notions about the world. In this case, they remain for us strange and incomprehensible, radiating in their fragmentation something fascinating and poetic.

The project «Below the cemetery, above the sun» reflects the inherent in man even in the most desperate situations hope for happiness and the desire to oppose the feeling of helplessness special secret tricks.

One of the images of the exhibition was the Old Believer legend about the city of Kitezh, ostensibly gone into the lake to escape from the advancing enemy troops.


Date of publication: July, 12
Opening of the exhibition "Compatibility"

On June 17 at 19.00 at Gallery 9B will be the opening of the exhibition "Compatibility", which took place within the parallel program of the festival "Mesto".

The participants of the collective exhibition "Compatibility" became local artists of different generations and directions of street art. Street-art includes many artistic practices - graffiti, street-art, urban interventions, street performances and much more. All these items were formed in Nizhny Novgorod for yearsand became an integral part of it. The city has managed to adopt and combine the old and modern culture, preserve history and form a new. The street environment unites beginners and accomplished authors, artists of different views and styles. And in the gallery during the exhibition this unique compatibility was presented.

Date of publication: June, 16
Rodion Kitaev in Gallery 9B

New guest at Gallery 9B since June, 7 ! Meet our resident, talented artist and illustrator Rodion Kitaev. He was born in 1984 in Moscow. Ivan Fedorov, Moscow University of Printing. Winner of the competition H.C. Andersen, House of Fairy Tales 2014 (Denmark). Selected solo exhibitions: «Black Dawn» Gallery 3120 (St.Petersburg, 2022), "Le peuple qui en opprime d'autres ne saurait être libre" NADA (New York, 2022), «I feel sorry I'm not an animal» Art Center «Pushkinskaya-être-Libre, Saint-Petersburg, «2022-202», Week» Media center on Argunovskaya Street (Moscow, 2021), «Island full of sounds» DK «Do Culture» (Moscow, 2019). His works are in the collection of the ART4 Museum, as well as in private collections in Austria, Germany, Russia, USA, Portugal and Switzerland.

Please, attention! The gallery is closed during the residence, except for special events.

Date of publication: June, 7
Painting's Exhibition by Vladimir Misinov in Gallery 9B

Dear friends! We opened an exhibition of works by naive artist Vladimir Misinov from the collection of Gallery 9B founders Elena Talyanskaya and Georgy Smirnov. On May holidays, the gallery runs from 12 to 18 hours 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 May, 4, 5, 6 May - weekend. Then we are open as usual: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 12 to 18 hours, Saturday from 12 to 20 hours. Monday, Thursday and Sunday - weekend.

Vladimir Fedorovich Misinov (1946-2018) was born in Nizhny Novgorod. He began drawing at the age of forty. The first work of the artist was taken to the Volga zonal exhibition of amateur art in 1987, and then to exhibitions in the capital and abroad. Three years ago, an exhibition of Vladimir Misinov's works from the collection of Elena Talyanskaya and Georgy Smirnov was held at the Naiv Museum in Yekaterinburg, and a year ago, works from the same collection were presented at the project "#Use of Weapons" in the Gogol Center in Moscow.

Date of publication: April, 30
We take a break

Unfortunately, if you have scheduled a visit to us in the coming days, the gallery is temporarily not working. We apologize for the inconvenience. Follow the news on our website and on social networks, we will definitely publish updates!

Date of publication: April, 3
Gallery schedule on public holidays

Friends! On March 6th, 7th and 8th the gallery is open to the public. Admission is free. March 9th and 10th are weekends. We would like to remind you that Larkandre "The Prank Was Successful" exhibition is currently running.

Date of publication: March, 6
Opening of LARKANDRE «The Prank Was Successful»

On March 2 at 18:00 will be held the vernissage of the exhibition project created within the art-residence of Gallery 9B.

«Palimpsests formed by the polar layers: «museum» painting and graffiti-tagged on top of it are presented to the audience. However, the playing distance is replaced by the unusual material persuasiveness of the artifact itself. One may think that the real results of the intrusion into the walls of some picture gallery of the team of anonymous street «writers», which subjected to radical vandalism of the canvases from the collection, are exposed.

The young artist goes far beyond provocative gestures and declarations - he deliberately complicates his task by following the path of both a classical master and a terrorist graffiti or the author of popular network memes. Hence the effect of confusion, in which the guest of the exhibition is immersed when acquainted with the works. «What is it at all? » «Where did he find so many old paintings, and why did he ruin them? » «Is it a painting, postgraffiti or post from the community of Flemish baroque lovers? » - questions of this kind arise in many, and the very fact of their appearance speaks of one thing - the prank, of course, succeeded».

Curator - Egor Koshelev


Date of publication: February, 28
New resident in 9B Gallery

On February 1, a new resident will start working at 9B Gallery. We are pleased to introduce you to the young Moscow artist LARKANDRE. He studied at the Moscow Academy. Stroganov at the department of monumental and decorative painting. He participated in collective exhibitions in Moscow, in particular the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (2018). Founder of the art group «Yes-no». Participated in VLADEY auctions. He was engaged in the restoration of sculptures in the pavilion «Kosmos» and the fountain «Kolos» at VDNH, as well as in the Income House of G. E. Broido.

The Rezident plans to create a series of paintings, combining antique subjects with modern graffiti. As the artist says, by blurring the lines between high art and street art, he seeks a new visual language. By deliberately committing an act of «vandalism», LARKANDRE gives it an artistic character and at the same time rethinks classical academic techniques and stories.

Please, attention! Gallery 9B is temporarily closed. Follow the announcements!

Date of publication: January, 16
Working mode of Gallery 9B during New Year holidays

Is Gallery 9B open on New Year holidays? Yes!

28 December - the last day of work in 2021
From 29 December to 2 January - weekend
January 3 - 9 - Gallery is open daily from 12.00 to 18.00
From 10 January - normal regime

Congratulations to the friends of Gallery 9B on the coming New Year! We are waiting for you with new projects in our cozy art space, follow the news!

Date of publication: December, 28
Stacya Grishina's interview with The Village. Nizhny Novgorod

The journalists talked to the artist about her experience with Nizhny Novgorod, working with animal images and how the exhibition is organized. You can read the material on the link

Date of publication: December, 10
Vernissage of the Stasya Grishina exhibition «Pigment gray on the second floor»

Dear friends, on December, 1 at 18:00 the exhibition of Stasi Grishina «Pigment gray on the second floor» opens at Gallery 9B. Attention! Access to the vernissage is possible by pre-online registration, limiting the number of guests in the room.
Also, at the entrance you need to show a QR code or documents confirming the presence of antibodies or vaccinations. Admission is free. Link to Timepad - here.

The artist will present a report exhibition in Gallery 9B, which is the result of her residence in Nizhny Novgorod. During the month Stasya Grishina lived and worked in the gallery space, studying the city and its modern culture. In the gallery space, the artist built an installation consisting of objects and a series of paintings. The main subject of the exhibition was the disappointing departure of the modern hero from his homeland, society, family and himself, which invariably returns him to the situation of choice and the need for self-determination.

Date of publication: November, 29
Stasya Grishina - new resident of 9B Gallery

We are pleased to present to you the new guest of our art residence - artist Stasu Grishina, who will live and work in Gallery 9B from November 1. The gallery is therefore temporarily closed.

Here is what she answers about her plans for staying in Nizhny Novgorod: «I hope to take a little time off from the Moscow bustle. I want to slow down your pace a little bit, focus on yourself and your work. To walk around the city, work, feel free from external circumstances, everyday problems and urgent matters. I am sure that the atmosphere of the city will affect both the work process and the result».

Date of publication: November, 1
Extension of the exhibition by Alexander Florensky and working hours from 24 to 31 October

Attention, please! By order of the Governor from October 25 to November 7 in the Nizhny Novgorod region there are non-working days. But we work. The exhibition of Alexander Florensky «PAINTINGS DRAWN IN NIZHNY NOVGOROD» has been extended until October 31.

Schedule of work: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-18:00. Monday is the day off. Important! Entrance to the exhibition is possible only upon presentation of the digital media QR-code confirming the presence of a preventive vaccination certificate from COVID-19 or a certificate of immunization, as well as upon presentation of the activated «universal document of the event visitor» - Multipass.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Date of publication: October, 22
Vernissage of the exhibition by Alexander Florensky

We are pleased to announce the personal exhibition of Alexander Florensky "PAINTINGS PAINTED IN NIZHNY NOVGOROD". Opening date - October 16 (Saturday) at 19.00. To visit the vernissage it is necessary to observe the conditions published in the decree of the governor «On the introduction of the regime of high alert». You need to have a vaccination certificate, a fresh PCR or a multi-pass. Juveniles are exempt from this requirement.

The exhibition will be opened at Gallery 9B from 16 to 24 October every day from 12 to 18 hours, except Monday.

Date of publication: October, 12
Works of Vladimir Misinov at the exhibition «At the edge of nature: Black Forest»

The exhibition «At the edge of nature: black forest» in Vyksa was opened on October, 9. Works of more than 10 artists can be seen in the Museum of the history of the OMK factory and in the art residence «Vyksa». The curator of the exhibition is Anna Petrova. Among the participants - Nikolay Akimov, Vika Begalskaya and Alexander Vilkin, Alina Brovina, Kirill Garshin, Ilya Grishaev, as well as the naive Nizhny Novgorod artist Vladimir Misinov. His paintings were presented by the founders of Gallery 9B Elena Talyanskaya and Georgy Smirnov.

Date of publication: October, 9
The interview with curator Dmitry Makarov

We advise to read interview with the curator and initiator of the exhibition «Saga about Persits: family in history» Dmitry Makarov who told us how the idea of the exhibition appeared, how it developed and what visitors can see in the exhibition. The text is available at this link

Date of publication: October, 1
A film about the Persits family is publicly available now

«The Saga of the Persits» film was first presented at our current exhibition in Gallery 9B and is now available to everyone to this link. Interesting video work involving unique photos and frames, talking about the founder of the Nizhny Novgorod oil-and-fat plant merchant Zelik Persitz and his descendants, about the multifaceted activity of the Persians in commerce, education and culture of Russia at the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries. Director Evgeny Strelkov, screenwriter Dmitry Makarov, cameraman Dmitry Khazan, composer Igor Stravinsky. The film was created by the studio «Airship» (Nizhny Novgorod) with the support of the Nizhny Novgorod oil-fat plant, the Russian Jewish Congress and the Fund «Cultural capital of the Volga region».

Date of publication: September, 27
The exhibition «Saga about Persits: family in history» will be opened at the gallery.

On September 9 at 19.30 at Gallery 9B opens exhibition «Saga about Persits: Family in History». This is a unique project of the Fund «Cultural capital of the Volga region» and JSC «Nizhny Novgorod oil-and-fat plant» about the newly found history of one of the oldest enterprises of the Lower River. The project will reveal the role of the Peach Oil and Chemical Plant in the history of Russian innovations and will tell how a small plant for the production of garnish or lighting oil has become a industry leader of world importance.

In addition to the historical exhibits of the turn of the 20th century and rare photographs, the project makes unique the creative participation of the great-granddaughter of the founder of the factory - Israeli artist Orna Millo. Works specially created for the exhibition will tell about her acquaintance with Nizhny Novgorod and experience the seemingly forever lost family history. Please note that during the exhibition «Saga about Persits: family in history»

Gallery 9B will work in a special mode. Tuesday-Friday and Sunday from 12:30 to 19:30, Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00. Monday is a holiday. There are guided tours, recording via social networks and gallery mail, as well as by phone.

Date of publication: September, 1
Painting by Vladimir Misinov will be presented in "Gogol-center"

This year, Nizhny Novgorod artist Vladimir Misinov would have been 75 years old. It was so coincidental that this summer his paintings will be presented in Moscow at the site «Gogol-center» within the framework of the exhibition «#orus».

As the curator writes, art historian Yevgeny Gershkovich: «The project «#orus» is a composition of two novels about the search for truth, happiness, and at the same time a fun, free-spirited life». The painting of Vladimir Misinov from the collection of the founders of the Gallery 9B Elena Talyanskaya and Georgy Smirnov will be located next to the installation of «Tablecloth-samobranka» of the Voronezh artist Sergey Gorshkov».

Information for our Moscow friends and guests of the capital: the exhibition «#orus» will open on June 22 at 17:00 on the eve of the shows of the performance «To live in Russia well» in the production of Kirill Serebrennikov.

Date of publication: June, 9
The first Dmitry Aske's exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod

Gallery Ruarts and Gallery 9B present the first solo exhibition of Dmitry Aske in Nizhny Novgorod. The exhibition «Future Reflection» included 11 works from the series «Just a moment before dawn». The name for the exhibition in Gallery 9B was given by the eponymous work dedicated to finding yourself in the future world. The opening of the exhibition will take place on June 18 at 19.00, gathering in the courtyard of the gallery. A huge request to respect each other and observe safety rules. Use masks and keep your distance. Since the gallery space is limited, small groups of up to 15 people are invited to go inside to view the exhibition.

Date of publication: June, 7
The Interview with Elena Talyanskaya and Georgy Smirnov

Journalists of The Village. Nizhny Novgorod talked with the founders of 9B Gallery about the building on Octyabrskaya street, cooperation with Sergey Ukhanov and how to get into the art-residence. Inside there are many portraits and a large photo set of the empty space of the gallery. Link access here.

Date of publication: May, 18
Museum Night at 9B Gallery

Gallery joins the All-Russian action «Night of Museums». We are open May 15 from noon to midnight. In our space will be presented selected works of modern Russian artists from the collection of the founders of the gallery Elena Talianskaya and Georgy Smirnov. And from 18.00 at 9B Gallery starts recording the video podcast TACT which supports local DJs and producers. The remote will stand: Accuse, Salama, Sined, Pai, Leiba and Thessia. Visitors are kindly requested to observe safety rules, do not crowd, use masks. If there are many guests in the gallery - please wait your turn on the street, respect each other

Date of publication: May, 13
The interview with Juliana Podkorytova The Village. Nizhny Novgorod

At the beginning of March, the residence of 9B Gallery was visited by the Moscow artist Ulyana Podkorytova, known for the projects in which she interacts with the Russian folk culture. The Village. Nizhny Novgorod website published an interview and a series of graphics, which Ulyana created specifically for the project.

Link access is here

Date of publication: April, 9
Открытие выставки "Перерыв 15 минут" с работой Ульяны Подкорытовой

Сегодня в Арсенале открывается новая выставка «Перерыв 15 минут» о работе и отдыхе, в которой участвует и наша резидентка Ульяна Подкорытова с работой «Полежу пока».

Фотография Игоря Самолета

Дата публикации: 3 марта
Резиденция художницы Ульяны Подкорытовой

Мы с удовольствием представляем нового резидента Галереи 9Б Ульяну Подкорытову. Родилась в 1984 году в Брянске. В настоящее время живет и работает в Москве. Занимается перформансом, видео, пением, керамикой, графикой, живописью и выпуском самиздата. Планирует во время резиденции путешествовать по интересным местам города и области, делать зарисовки и снимать видео.

Ульяна окончила Высшую школу печати и медиаиндустрии Московского политехнического университета по специальности «Художник-график» и Московскую школу фотографии и мультимедиа имени Родченко. Участница лаборатории Наталии Пшеничниковой «Голос» при Институте театра, фестиваль «Золотая Маска». Представляла персональные проекты на площадках ЦСИ «Фабрика», Музея современного искусства «Гараж», ЦСИ «Винзавод», Школы фотографии и мультимедиа имени Родченко, галереи «Айсель» (Самарканд) и «Inventio» (Баку). Номинант премии «Инновация» 2017 года. Участница V Московской международной биеннале молодого искусства и VIII Ташкентской международной биеннале современного искусства.

Фото предоставлено ЦСИ «Винзавод»
Фотограф - Михаил Гребенщиков

Дата публикации: 2 марта
Объявлены финалисты Портфолио-ревью

Накануне 7-ая Московская биеннале современного искусства опубликовала результаты Портфолио-ревью. В нем приняли участие художники и арт-критики до 35 лет со всей России, за исключением Москвы. В числе 5 финалистов, выбранных экспертами по направлению Культурная журналистика, сотрудница Галереи 9Б Бирюкова Анастасия. Поздравляем и желаем творческих успехов!

Дата публикации: 6 февраля
Выставка Андрея Бергера "На поверхности" продлена

Если кто-то расстроился, что сегодня последний день работы выставки Андрея Бергера "На поверхности" - у нас хорошие новости! Мы продлеваем проект до 4 февраля. Приходите, Галерея 9Б работает в обычном режиме и с соблюдением мер безопасности!

Дата публикации: 22 января
Режим работы Галереи 9Б в новогодние каникулы

Мы поздравляем всех с новогодними праздниками! За этот непростой год для нас приятными моментами стали близкое знакомство и работа с художниками Алисой Йоффе, Дарьей Гитманович, Светой Шуваевой, Андреем Оленевым, Андреем Бергером, а также сотрудничество с галереями сцена/szena, FUTURO, Tolk и фестивалем Mesto. Безусловно, спасибо друзьям галереи и всем нашим гостям и за поддержку и интерес к нашей деятельности! Оставайтесь с нами, в следующем году будет не менее интересно!

С 30 декабря галерея уходит на небольшой перерыв, и, уже 4 января вновь открывается и работает в своем обычном режиме. Вход на выставку Андрея Бергера «На поверхности» свободный, но большая просьба для представителей больших экскурсионных групп записываться для посещения заранее через соцсети или почту для соблюдения мер безопасности.

Дата публикации: 1 января
Открытие выставки Андрея Бергера "На поверхности"

Открытие выставки Андрея Бергера "На поверхности" состоится 22 декабря. Для обеспечения безопасности посещение открытия возможно в составе ограниченной группы с 18.00 в течение получасовой сессии при условии предварительной регистрации на Timepad и соблюдения масочного режима и дистанции.

Проект стал итоговым результатом работы Андрея Бергера в арт-резиденции Галереи 9Б. Это серия экспериментальных коллажных работ, созданных на основе художественного исследования городской среды Нижнего Новгорода с его историческими и архитектурными контрастами, уникальной геометрией и ландшафтом.

Идейно художник связывает этот цикл со своей работой на улице. Последний год он занимался партизанским расклеиванием авторских постеров на городских улицах, наблюдая за изменениями произведений – естественным разрушением, закрашиванием, возникающими тегами, рекламой и объявлениями. В этом спонтанном низовом процессе Андрей видит творческое действие, пластический язык, который вдохновил его на создание представленной в Галерее 9Б серии студийных произведений.

Дата публикации: 21 декабря
Андрей Бергер - новый резидент Галереи 9Б

Рады анонсировать, что с 9 декабря в арт-резиденции Галереи 9Б новый гость – давний друг галереи, художник и куратор Андрей Бергер.

Андрей Бергер родился в 1986 году в Барнауле, учился в университете по специализации «Дизайн архитектурной среды». В настоящее время художник не ограничивается рамками уличного искусства, а также занимается скульптурой, перфомансом, живописью, графикой, инсталляциями. Участник выставок в США и Германии, организатор стрит-арт проектов и фестивалей. Занимается кураторской поддержкой молодых российских художников уличной волны. Основатель стрит-арт платформы FGA. Активно сотрудничает с международными компаниями, такими как Art Made, Adidas, Superdry, Xiaomi, Swatch и другими.

Андрей Бергер уже не первый раз приезжает в Нижний Новгород в качестве художника. В 2017 году он участвовал в фестивале «Место», в 2018 - выставке художников уличной волны «RESET». Также вместе с Покрасом Лампасом он создал роспись на торце КЗ «Юпитер». Но самое яркое внедрение Андрея Бергера в нижегородскую среду произошло год назад. Он принял участие в фестивале Intervals, представив мурал на фасаде Мукомольного завода. Во время работы в арт-резиденции Галереи 9Б художник планирует создание студийных работ на основе впечатлений и мыслей, возникших при погружении в городскую среду Нижнего Новгорода с его историческими и архитектурными контрастами, геометрией и ландшафтом.

Дата публикации: 8 декабря
Объявлен всероссийский конкурс NOVA ART

До 25 января 2021 года открыт прием заявок для участия во всероссийском конкурсе проектов молодых художников NOVA ART. Тема этого года — «Новая кожа: миф технологического тела», в рамках которой художникам предлагается поразмышлять о новой, формирующейся сейчас политической идентичности и новых типах телесной образности, которые сопровождают формообразование этой идентичности.
К участию приглашаются молодые художники до 40 лет, которые должны представить экспертам ранее не реализованные проекты, находящиеся на стадии идеи. Сначала эксперты выберут 50 проектов для лонг-листа. Далее международное жюри формирует шорт-лист из проектов 12 финалистов. В конкурсе нет одного победителя, награждаются все 12 художников. В качестве призов финалисты получат гранты на реализацию проектов, персональные выставки, участие в арт-резиденциях, исследовательские поездки, образовательные программы и специальные призы. Также конкурсанты представят прототипы своих проектов на финальной выставке, которая пройдет в Санкт-Петербурге летом 2021 года.
Одновременно со стартом приема заявок запущена образовательная онлайн-программа, разработанная совместно со школой Masters, которая доступна на сайте Masters и NOVA ART. Также в рамках конкурса художники смогут стать участниками онлайн воркшопов, которые помогут в составлении заявки, а также получить фидбек и профессиональную менторскую поддержку от ведущих профессионалов сферы искусства.
Организаторы конкурса: фонд поддержки культуры, искусства и образования «Александр» и галерея Anna Nova. Галерея 9Б выступает в качестве одного из партнеров конкурса.
Прием заявок проходит с 16 ноября 2020 года по 25 января 2021 года на сайте nova.art. Там вы найдете подробности участия в конкурсе.

Дата публикации: 27 ноября
Завершающая экскурсия по выставке Андрея Оленева

Напоминаем, что текущая неделя станет последней для проекта "Смена декораций" в Галерее 9Б. Но как и обещали, 21 ноября, в субботу в 17.00 мы снова приглашаем посетить авторскую экскурсию художника Андрея Оленева по выставке. Участие бесплатное, но количество мест ограничено. Безусловно, не расслабляемся: соблюдаем масочно-перчаточный режим и социальную дистанцию. Регистрация на экскурсию в Timepad.

Также в честь этого события мы предлагаем вам поучаствовать в небольшом интерактиве. От вас: пришлите интересующие вас вопросы художнику, касающиеся творчества, выставки, жизни и т. д. После экскурсии мы зададим их Андрею в прямом эфире и он не только ответит, но и выберет самый интересный из них. От нас автора лучшего вопроса ждет подарок - каталог выставки "Смена декораций", которая была представлена в галерее "Триумф" в Москве. Подписанный художником, конечно. Вопросы вы можете присылать в сообщениях, в комментариях, на почту и в других социальных сетях. Будьте активны и оригинальны!

Дата публикации: 17 ноября
Безопасное открытие выставки Андрея Оленева

Друзья! Совместно с галерей "Толк" мы рады анонсировать 22 октября, в четверг открытие выставки нижегородского молодого художника Андрея Оленева "Смена декораций". Начало в 18.00. Выставка представляет серию живописных и графических работ, объектов, а также аудио-инсталляцию «Колокол». В проекте «Смена декораций» основные мотивы творчества Андрея Оленева — безымянные персонажи и бездомные животные, покинутые места и воплощенная материальность городской старины, смысловая многослойность и игра со зрительским восприятием — объединяются вокруг драматичной судьбы исчезающего архитектурного наследия Нижнего Новгорода.

Обратите внимание! Для обеспечения безопасности посещение открытия возможно в составе ограниченной группы в течение получасовой сессии при условии предварительной регистрации на Timepad и соблюдения масочного режима и дистанции. Далее выставку можно посетить в обычные дни работы Галереи 9Б, предварительно записавшись по телефону.

Дата публикации: 20 октября
Гид Светы Шуваевой по Нижегородской области

Еще в марте мы писали, что художница Света Шуваева, награжденная губернатором на церемонии вручения премии "Инновация", приезжала в Нижний Новгород, чтобы изучить местную культуру и промыслы. Весной она заняла место резидента в Галерее 9Б и за время изоляции написала путеводитель где рассказала о своих поездках в города Нижегородской области - Семенов, Павлово, Балахну, Городец и Арзамас. Опубликовано в издании The Blueprint

Дата публикации: 14 августа

Фестиваль уличного искусства "Место"

Галерея 9Б вновь выступает в качестве партнера фестиваля уличного искусства "Место", который пройдет с 20 по 23 августа. Приглашаем всех на события, которые пройдут на нашей площадке. И не пропустите выставку участников фестиваля в Галерее 9Б. Ознакомиться с полной программой событий можно в соцсетях фестиваля

Дата публикации: 10 августа

Darya Gitmanovich about Gallery 9B

In the magazine Art Flash, there was an interview with the Moscow young artist Daria Gitmanovich, who lived and worked in March this year at Gallery 9B. About her first experience as an art resident, study in the UK, creative goals and much more can be read here

Date of publication: 9 June

Gallery 9B is closed cause quarantine

We told you earlier that in March Darya Gitmanovich was working at the residence of Gallery 9B. She first came to Nizhny Novgorod and not only productively worked on paintings in the studio, but also had time to get acquainted with the culture and history of Nizhny Novgorod and local crafts. As we wrote earlier, at the end of the month Daria's reporting exhibition was planned. But obviously, we can't put our viewers in danger, so we're not canceling, but postponing Daria's exhibition until it's safe.

Date of publication: March, 28

Sveta Shuvaeva in Nizhny Novgorod

A year ago, at the ceremony of the award «Innovation» Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region Gleb Nikitin announced a special prize for the artist Sveta Shuvaeva, presented in the nomination «Artist of the Year». For the project «The last apartments overlooking the lake» she was awarded a month in the residence of Gallery 9B. Officially, Sveta will take the place of the resident in May. But already now she has come to Nizhny Novgorod to Gallery 9B for the study of local culture.

Date of publication: March, 12

Darya Gitmanovich - the new resident of 9B Gallery 9B

After a short break, Gallery 9B continues the art residency program. The young Russian artist Darya Gitmanovich, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts (London), arrived in Nizhny Novgorod. In our residence she plans to continue a series of portraits, get acquainted with local crafts and present a personal exhibition.

For Daria, the starting point in the creation of portraits is the direct mirroring of the world, the world of pop culture and social networks. Instagram, fashion blogs, magazines KALEIDOSCOPE, Dazed, 032C form a virtual environment from which its aesthetics are formed

Date of publication: March, 1

Vladimir Misinov's exhibition in Yekaterinburg

The exhibition «Evenings on the Volga» opened on the eve of the Museum of Naive Art (Yekaterinburg). There is a wide representation of the painting of the outstanding Nizhny Novgorod naive artist Vladimir Misinov (1946-2018), collected by Elena Talyanskaya and George Smirnov, founders of the Gallery 9B. Here are expressive portraits of girls and men, still lifes, genre scenes, lyrical countryside landscapes, and animals - mainly cats and sheep. We sincerely thank the director of the Museum of Naive Art Nikita Nikolayevich Korytin and curator Andrei Anatolyevich Bobrikhin for organizing the exhibition. The project has now been extended to mid-September.

Date of publication: February, 12
The first resident of Gallery 9B - Alisa Yoffe

Since the beginning of December, the project of the art residence, which is the result of a close collaboration between FUTURO gallery and Gallery 9B. It is aimed at supporting Russian artists. Special attention is paid to the creative process and interaction with the Nizhny Novgorod cultural environment. Gallery 9B becomes the artistic residence where the artist Alice Joffe will live and work. Follow social networks for the opening of the exhibition on December 26 at the Futuro Gallery.

Photo by Vladimir Filonov

Date of publication: December, 5

Meeting with Dmitry Aske

Works on the wall painting of Gallery 9B by artist Dmitry Aske have successfully started. The markings have already been completed, and in the next few days, while the light is still light, one can freely observe the birth of the work. Special thanks to the gallery's friend, artist and curator Nikita Nomerz. If a little more than a year ago at the festival "Place" he would not have introduced us to a number of talented street authors, this project would not even be in plans.

Fresh announcement: On November 8 at 19.00 in Gallery 9B there will be an open meeting with the artist, curator and researcher Dmitry Aske. He will talk about his creative career: creation of street paintings, participation in festivals and exhibitions, curatorial work and collaboration with brands. We invite all comers!

Date of publication: November, 5

Closing of the festival "Place"

Today in the yard of Gallery 9B and pizzeria "Yula" there will be a solemn closing of the festival "Place". The program includes a music party, life-drawing and meeting with the artists of the project. Admission is free.

Date of publication: June, 9

Art party on the eve of summer

On May 28, we invite friends of the gallery to an art party. The occasion for her is pleasant: our friend, the artist Nastya Belaya is graduating from the Nizhny Novgorod art school and preparing to continue her education in the capital. She is a young novice author and as a support we are arranging a festive display of her series of paintings called «The Train Went In Another Direction», which repeats the ironic statement towards her non-academic style. The painting of Nastya Belaya embodies the enjoyment of the provocative contrasts in the spirit of pop art and fields of open colors, rushing beyond the outlined space. Graphical, simplified interpretation of forms and volumes, repetitive patterns, disruptions of natural flavor and ostentatious naiveté plots that seem to come from the pages of children's books. The artist's world is a charming, fantastical recess of everyday life, populated with odd characters, chatty objects, and good-natured monsters. .

Date of publication: May, 23
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